Athas:  A blasted desert planet, nearly destroyed by the irrisponsible misuse of magic which literally drew the life out of the planet itself to fuel the magical energies. 

Tenaciously life claws out an existance, and only the strong survive for long.  Civilization also manages to be maintained in a few small areas, but it requires brutal laws and strick enforcement of said laws.

The city states are ruled by Sorcerer Kings, undying leaders who maintain control through fear, pain and death. 

Top that off with the fact that the gods are dead, defeated by the elemental primordials, their divine inspiration is totally lackiing on Athos.  Only those who can manipulate nature or the power of their mind seem to have any healing powers.

Join our adventuring party as they not only try to survive this harsh world but uncover a dark secret potentially more devestating than the Wizard Wars which destroyed the world in the first place. 

Athas Rising (a Dark Sun Campaign)